How to wear a Seersucker Suit (the Gentlemen's Brim edition)

Seersucker (by way of British India) quickly became a staple by the poor in the southern states of america. This lightweight fabric often became the summer suit of choice for service men, women, and  became the blue collar summer suit of choice.When the 1920s came roaring in, the seersucker was reswagged by hipster Ivy Leaguers (before it was cool), and the upper class. Seersucker received a nice jolt by way of former  Mississippi Senator, Trent Lott's "Seersucker Thursdays" in the United States Congress.

Seersucker Suit
Who said that you always have to wear seersucker as a whole. Mix it up. Sadiki breaks up tradition a bit here. He decides to play on tones of white, denim, blue,and red. He opts for an all cotton sports jacket with red buttonhole stitching, white tuxedo shirt (minus the bow tie), white pocket square, blue (near denim) linen tapered pants, lapel pin accessory in the form of Matilda the White Bird from Angry Birds, and red Del Toro velvet slippers! Is that velvet? Well yes it is velvet! Who needs a rainbow after the storm anyway, when you can ride in the storm in a Biltwell Gringo Spectrum helmet.
Seersucker Suit
(Jacket and Shirt: Zara, Pants: Tailor Made, Watch: Timex, Belt: Thrift Store find, Helmet: Biltwell Limited Edition Gringo Spectrum Helmet, Motorcycle: Harley Davidson XL1200, Shoes: Del Toro)

Seersucker Suit
(Sunglasses: Warby Parker)
Seersucker Suit
Seersucker Suit
(Watch: Timex, Nylon Watch Band Strap)
Del Toro Shoes
(Velvet Loafers: Del Toro Shoes)

Tony decides to go somewhat traditional but not really traditional at all with the disheveled/crumpled up seersucker look; while playing on tones of white, blue, denim, purple, green, and yellow. Tony usually has a rigorous schedule, and tries to make time (usually Sunday to iron all of his shirts) but that is not always the case. Some things happen based on function, and reality. Well the reality of it all, this guy is short of room in his closet, sometimes he lets his seersucker pants, and sometimes the jacket chill in a pile of clothes or cramped up in the closet; heck even his denim shirt. I guess that is what you call broken in. As long as you are comfortable in your skin, your clothes will come off as it is your second skin. Tony's seer sucker it is striped in white, and denim. His choice of a denim shirt pulls out the hidden denim striped in the seer. I bet you didn't even see that. "That just happened."

Seersucker Suit Florsheim Duckie Brown
 (Seersucker Suit: Rugby By Ralph Lauren, Shirt: RRL, Belt: Nylon Ribbon Belt, Pocket Square: Vivienne Westwood, Shoes: Florsheim By Duckie Brown, Motorcycle Helmet: Daytona, Shades: Cole Haan) 
The devil is in the details, and the details are in the accessories. Sometimes you need to just reach out and smell the roses. If you don't have roses, find what works. Here Tony opts for his staple lapel pin of choice in the form of a purple cloth cuff link, and a dandelion that he plucked off the ground. There is no wrong way or a rhyme nor a reason for picking your pocket square for your look. Tony decides to contrast his pops of color with an anchor to tie it all in together utilizing a floral printed Vivienne Westwood scarf that was re-purposed into a pocket square, a contrasting nylon D ring belt, and a rejuvenates a vintage Gerrard Pergeaux watch with a multi-colored nylon wrist band.

Seersucker Suit
(Pocket Square: Vivienne Westwood)

Seersucker Suit

Seersucker Suit Yellow Leather Gloves
(Gloves: Geier, Watch: Vintage Girard-Perregaux, Bracelet: Casa Di Culture) 

Whether it be spring, summer, fall or winter opt for different shoe color choices. A classic Seersucker suit, and a classic brogue in a non classic yellow color. Whatever your choice is, one your buddies at Gentlemen's Brim advises you to do is shake the tree a little bit. Match tones.

Florsheim Duckie Brown
 (Shoes: Florsheim By Duckie Brown)

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