2nd Time Around

Vintage this, antique that, Pop Up shops, and Trunk Sales are the new hot craze.  The climate has currently changed back to being thrifty with your hard earned paycheck and has stepped away from seeing who has the most expensive items on.  So glad that time has passed (in some circles at least).  But just like anything that makes traction manufactures will always try to use it as their new cash cow.  This usually ends with us right back at the "who has the most expensive..." crossroads.

What's old is new again, what's new becomes old, and some things are just timeless. How do you define what is timeless? Time will tell.  You look in your closet and a feeling rushes over you. The urge to buy something new. We have all yearned to fulfil our inner consumer but, before you run off to the mall or get online. We offer two different takes.  A "Layer Cake" of sorts.  Mixing vintage thrift shopping with newer pieces, or just how to re-purpose tired worn out gems that you probably would have tossed out during your spring "i need to purge my life" cleaning meltdown.  Even how to break in and re-purpose pieces and make it your own. 

(On Tony Suit: Vintage Tie: Burberry, Shirt: Hawes & Curtis, Tie Bar: Christopher Kim's Custom Tailor D.C., Socks: Cole Haan, Shoes:  Allen Edmonds, Motorcycle Helmet: Biltwell Hustler DOT Open Face Flat Copper, Motorcycle Helmet Goggles: Vintage, On Sadiki: Hat: Vintage via Dr'Ks Vintage D.C., Sports Jacket:Vintage via Goodwill , Shawl: J Crew , Shirt: J Crew , Tie: Vintage via Urban Outfitters , Pants: Vintage via Thrift Store, Belt: Obey , Socks: Gold Toe , Shoes: To Boot New York: Motorcycles (Left): Harley Davidson Nightster, (Right):Kawasaki KZ 650 )

After visiting a "trunk sale", in this case a raid of his dad's closet (Tony's favorite source of authentic vintage wear).  Tony makes out like a bandit with a nice gem.  Tony takes on a classic cut, wide lapel, pin striped  suit. Thanks Duddy!  This in itself, is like his dad's walking memoirs.  This suit could be as old, maybe even older than Tony and has weathered the test of time.  A testament to the importance of good quality, it can literally last you a life time.

 (Suit: Vintage, Tie: Burberry, Shirt: Hawes & Curtis, Tie Bar: Christopher Kim's Custom Tailor D.C., Socks: Cole Haan, Shoes:  Allen Edmonds, Motorcycle Helmet: Biltwell Hustler DOT Open Face Flat Copper, Motorcycle Helmet Goggles: Vintage)
This aged suit deserves to have a complimenting look.  Tony reached for a striped, wide spread collar shirt, and armed it with a tie that brings out the lesser dominate lines of blue in the shirt.  Things to consider when selecting your tie knot.  Don't only take into account the collar spread, the weight and cut of the tie matters just as much. This was the perfect time to utilize the Windsor knot. Some have abused this knot (eh em folks on ESPN). We aren't here to debate that. As we always state "There are no rules"  but some things just flow better.  The Windsor knot has its benefits.  Be mindful of the fabric and cut of your tie. Thick materials may result in an extremely large knot, while a slim tie might just look odd with a Windsor knot but, hey it's your world.
Guys don't go and ruin your look with "Bacon Collars".  Bacon Collar - When your collar flares up and outwards due to lack of Collar stays resembling cooked bacon.  Collar stays are strips you slide into the "pockets" behind your collar.  Most dress shirts come with some already in.  They are usually plastic and are great in a pinch but, you should should invest in a few harder ones.  You can find them in a variety of materials from metal, horn, or even mother of peal to name a few.  They are also referred to as collar tabs and a few other names a google search away.
 (Shirt: Hawes & Curtis, Tie: Burberry)

Remember you can fight the urge to match colors and instead opt for complimenting tones.  Not sure what this would have looked like if Tony matched his knot cuff link to the exact navy or yellow of his shirt but, aren't we glad he didn't?  Another fun tidbit.  Sometimes a heavy coat does not exactly work over your suit so instead of layering up.  Layer down appropriately. "It's not about the, hat but what's underneath." Wear a thermal undershirt to lock in that warmth during the winter.

(Suit: Vintage, Shirt: Hawes & Curtis, Thermal American Apparel, Motorcycle Helmet: Biltwell Hustler DOT Open Face Flat Copper)
We have all been there before.  A pair of shoes we loved which, took an act of congress for us to part with.  Even after trashing them and buying another pair of shoes they just were never able to replace the sorrow felt for the loss of your "sole".  Get it... shoe, Sole... never mind.  Well with a vision, a few bucks and a great shoe guy, you may never have to part ways with your shoes again.  We aren't suggesting to never buy another pair of shoes again but, just give it a second thought.  The Allen Edmonds shoes were won via an eBay auction for $13.00 bucks + $8.00 shipping.  Once the shoes were received it was clear that they were in pretty banged up shape.  I think they were rescued from a shoe fighting ring down in North Carolina and have seen better days.  Holes in the sole and toes, rips in the leather, and scuffs all around. Before deciding to break the bank on the purchase the vision was already set.  Why not a complete shoe restoration?

Allen Edmonds has several options for restoring your shoes.  Its kind of like cosmetic surgery but not at California cost, more so Tijuana, Mexico.  Ranging from New $50.00 to $150.00.  Tony went with the Prestige Package.  That included: refinished uppers, hand polished leather, protective shoe bag, and cherry/pine scented cedar shoe trees (Not the trees that you hang in your car, smh), and a wonderful shoe patina.

(Socks: Cole Haan, Shoes: Allen Edmonds (purchased via EBay, Restored through Allen Edmonds Prestige Package)

A sense of eclectic nostalgia is drawn into Sadiki's infusion of classic meets modern, with a jab of playfulness. Sadiki an avid traveler, and student of his surroundings blends together tones of brown, grey, pink, and camouflage while keeping a sort of texture baseline. 
(Hat: ChurchHill LTD, Sports Jacket:Vintage via Goodwill , Shawl: J Crew , Shirt: J Crew , Tie: Vintage via Urban Outfitters , Pants: Vintage via Thrift Store, Watch: Timex, Belt: Obey , Socks: Gold Toe , Shoes: To Boot New York, Helmet: Bell Custom 500)

Sadiki's blazer was picked up at a Goodwill store a few years back in Austin Texas for maybe $15.  He since had it tailored at the waist and shortened.  Another bout of reconstructive surgery to get the perfect fit, a few new buttons, and just like new.  Sure it's a bit discolored and sure some of the lining on the inside has tears but it add character.
Sometimes you walk into a room and something catches your eye.  Once you have laid eyes on her you make it your mission to introduce yourself to her.  Sadiki spotted his lady at Dr. K's Vintage and she didn't wear a red dress.  Instead she was wrapped in a blend of cashmere and wool.  With a bow on the side of her hip.  Meet Caramel Brown, a ChurchHill LTD Fedora.  Fedora's are usually worn in warmer weather.  This does not have to be the case. Choose a heavier material hat in winter.  She fits so nicely and will keep him warm for years to come.

Sadiki, found his Shawl pull-over and pink chambray shirt at J Crew both on sale for dirt cheap.  The pull-over has a small Nerd (the candy) sized whole in it but that didn't slow Sadiki from pulling the trigger.  It was still a good buy and has served him well.

The pocket square is from a pair of his BDU pants which he has owned since he joined the military in 1999.  He dug them out of his attic and reincarnated them into a pair of fatigue shorts and the pocket square you see here are the remnants of one of the legs.

(Hat: ChurchHill Ltd via Dr'Ks Vintage D.C., Sports Jacket:Vintage via Goodwill , Shawl: J Crew , Shirt: J Crew , Tie: Vintage via Urban Outfitters , Pants: Vintage via Thrift Store, Belt: Obey, Pocket Square: Re-purposed DBU)
The military flare is tastefully dashed about the rest of his attire from this Timex watch with nylon camo strap to ...
(Watch: Timex)
This leather and camo belt from OBEY.

(Bracelet: Giles and Brother)
Choose your layers appropriately. The wool herringbone pants was another thrift store find and fits like a tailored pair.  Thick wool herringbone pants are perfect for winter. Who says that you need to always take a trip to the Tailor to have your pants cuffed. Do it yourself, and roll up your pants.

The shoes are another great example of spending a few dollars in order to repair a great pair of shoes.  These To Boot New York shoes were also purchased on eBay for under $40. Once received and assessed Sadiki took them to the nearest Nordstrom to have them repaired and polished.  They originally came with soles and heels that were completely worn down and looked depressing. $40 and 3 days later he picked them up with a smile.

(Shoes: To Boot New York, Socks: Gold Toe)

Some well crafted shoes can can have new life breathed into them at a good cost.  You can also prolong your shoes with use of shoe trees, heel, and toe taps.  Be careful with polishing these old Shoes.  Use creams and lotions for the leather never wax.  After all they were at one time skin so the lotions and creams hydrate them better than a wax based treatment.  Plus just like harden wax cracks so will the crease of your shoes when wax is used.

Before you go out and get something new, be sure to take a second look at what you currently have. It might even be hand-me-downs courtesy of: dad, uncle, brother, cousin, or a friends unwanted stuff. If you don't have either of those options; Thrift.  Take something customize it make it your own.  No limits

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