Rogue Fridays: Roll Print

Momma said, "Don't hang out with those bad boys".  Momma said, "Don't ride motorcycles". Momma said, "Men don't wear prints or pink".  Momma said wash behind your ears... well that last one is sound advice but the other just leaves your life plain, like your pants.

These past two summer seasons we have all witnessed men's style tackle a few trends thought to be taboo. Men's style took on playful forms from fun and funky lapel pins to suits and no socks.  Well this summer printed pants were still a go. By the looks of it we will see prints go into the fall season also. 

Last year we were approached by the Washingtonian Magazine to showcase a few prints. The shoot had no bikes and was bit more polished. This year we went a bit rogue and did it our way. 

(Shades: Ray Baan, Vest Buttons/Patches/Pins/Swag: See See Motorcycles, Lowbrow Customs, The One Motorcycle Show, Rolling Thunder 2013, Necklace: Barrett Alley)
(Vest: Levis, Pants: Zara, Shirt: BDG)
(Shoes: Zara)
(Ring: Vintage Harley Ring from Blue Hard Goods (BHG))
(Motorcycle: Custom built 1979 Harley Davidson Ironhead, Helmet: Daytona ) 
 (Shirt: Ralph Lauren Boys Big Pony Polo Shirt, Pants: Zara, Shoes: Cole Haan, Watch: Vintage Omega, Bracelet: Custom made by artist YASS Frostyjam of the Fly Six B Crew via Tokyo Japan)
(Necklace: Vintage) 

(Gloves: , Bracelet: Custom made by YASS Frostyjam of the Fly Six B Crew via Tokyo Japan, Watch Band: Nylon Ribbon Band, Watch: Vintage Omega)
 (Helmet: Daytona, Motorcycle: Harley Davidson Nightster )

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