Rogue Fridays: Mission Impossible

The mission if you wish to accept:  Take a pair of sweat pants and dress it up in a manner that will still allow you to demand respect in the board meeting.

Ok so I know I'm not alone on this when I say it but this dude Tony should apply to the Esquire "Best Dressed Real Man".  This guy takes a pair of lounge around or gym attire tailor, layer, and coordinate it in a manner that would make Nick Wooster shed a tear and then attempt to wear the same outfit on the low to an event.  Nice try Nick we all saw it first on the GB.

(Sports Jacket: Vintage, Shawl Cardigan: Tasso Elba, Shirt: Bergamo New York, Thermal: American Apparal, Tie: Ralph Lauren, Hat: H&M, Herringbone Sweatpants: Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen, Camping Socks: LL Bean, Sneakers: Converse by John Varvatos, Pocket Square: Vintage, Collar Bar: Safety Pin by way of Christopher Kim's Menswear and Custom Tailoring )

Although he is wearing sweatpants he wisely chose to compliment the "weight" of the sweats with a chunky cotton shawl collar cardigan.  He then continues the knitted vibe of sweats with a knit tie and socks.  It's not all heavy weight items tho.  Tony softens the outfit with a touch of yellow and silk pocket square.

Technically its a ton of patterns but they all blend perfectly with none of the prints battling to be the main focus.  Well done Homie.

(Motorcycle Helmet: Arai, Ski Goggles: Oakley, Key Chain by Mutiny by way of RedeemDC)

Its a statement that can never be over stated.  Guys you can wear anything as long as it fits you well.  This is what Gentlemen's Brim is all about.  Its not about where you shop, the brands, or how much you pay for things, but it is about making it fit you.
(Motorcycle: 1980 Honda CB750 Custom)

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