Rogue Fridays - Coloring outside the lines.

Don't wear white in winter. We heard that before. Your belt should always match your shoes. We heard that too. When lost, ask for directions. Well some things in life you will have to pick and choose. Life is not fair, and it is a cold world out there. Is it fair to live life under strict guidelines? Well that just ain't right. Rules are meant to be broken. You choose your journey, and hey if don't make your own choice, someone else will make them for you. You follow your own path, you set the bar, you set the tone.

Style is timeless but not stagnant and coloring outside the lines can be fun, so why deprive yourself of color. What we have learned over time is that as you evolve, so will your sense of style. What happens in between is you step over boundaries and kick down walls of fear. Steping outside of your comfort zone, and finding that medium. In due time, you can wear anything and feel comfortable in your own skin.

(On Sadiki: Sweater/Scarf: H&M,  Vest: Levis, Socks: J.Crew, Pants: Hawkins McGill, Watch: Diesel, On Tony: Sports Jacket: Vintage John Alexander a Hartmarx Company, Scarf: Cole Haan, Shirt: Rugby by Ralph Lauren, Thermal: American Apparel, Belt: Banana Republic, Jeans, Zara, Camping Socks: , Shoes: Cole Haan Air Colton)
"Cold as the pole in the winter - Notorious B.I.G"
Sadiki; a year round motorcyclist doesn't always have the luxury of wearing heavy coats. Layer your look wisely. Denim blue sweater. Check! Denim jean vest. Check! Charcoal Jean Jacket with the shealing interior. Check! Matching colors, cool. Coordinating tones even better!
(Motorcycle: Harley Davidson Nightster XL 1200, Motorcycle Helmet: Daytona Gunmetal Metalflake)
Sadiki chose earth tones to delicately balance his tailored to fit mustard pants. Wearing brown wingtips with navy/white/yellow striped socks and adding tints of blue with the denim vest, layered over a v-neck sweater. 
"Balance Piece alert" Sadiki infuses denim tones with mustard in the form of a gingham plaid scarf  with, brown, red, and yellow accents. Now that's spicy "mustardenim" for that tail!

(Denim Vest Bomber Jacket: Vintage Levis)
(Watch: Diesel, Bracelet: Giles and Brother)
(Necklace: Miansai hook bracelet)
Everything doesn't always have to be so serious. Mix up your look with a playful button.
(Denim Vest: Levis, Sweater: H&M, Watch: Diesel, Pants: Hawkins McGill, Button: Custom I Love Beaver Button)
(Shoes: Vintage Wingtips)
(1980 Kawasaki KZ650, Jacket: Vintage U.S. Army Issue Field Jacket, Helmet: Daytona Cruiser 3/4 Open Face, Goggles: Vintage)

Tony takes on the classic but tailored to fit navy "church boy" sport's jacket with gold buttons, and white skinny jeans. White doesn't have to be reserved for all white parties, spring, or the summer. Wear white in the winter just because. Rumor has it that he even donned this very jacket as a young lad, in his elementary school days. 
(Shirt: Rugby by Ralph Lauren, Thermal: American Apparel, Scarf: Cole Haan)

Choose your tones appropriately. Instead of opting for the traditional off white thermal, why not break tradition, and go with a brigther color. Tony takes on the blue tones by mixing in a navy sports jacket, denim jean shirt, and a light weight scarf that has accents of red, white, and blue.

Some accidents can be the best thing. Tony mistakenly ordered white arts and crafts buttons while looking for traditional white buttons to update some of his blazers. How did he recover?  He turned it into a lapel pin.

"Balance piece alert" Tony balances the red, white, and blue tones together in an all in one piece; fingerless knit gloves.

(Shirt: Rugby by Ralph Lauren, Thermal: American Apparel, Watch: Vintage, Nylon Watch Band, Fingerless Gloves: Cole Haan)

Add some color to your watch by breathing life into the strap. Replace that leather wrist band, with a less costly nylon strap. Build a nice collection of multiple swatches, and color coordinate at will.

(Jeans: Zara, Camping Socks: Shoes: Cole Haan (Air Colton)

What we have here is a continuation of the red, white, and blue toned theme. Tony decides to to extend the navy tone with a powder blue hue wingtip

"Cut your coat according to your cloth."  

Some may prefer a full break, no break, or even a half break. Adjust your cuff according to your comfort. Show some ankle in the summer, and show some sock in the winter. In cold weather, wear heavier material. Camping socks are a great choice and are widely available in multiple colors. 

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