Northern Grade Washington DC Recap: Gentlemen's Brim Edition

Here today gone tomorrow is the saying for retail and commercial spaces in Washington, D.C. The scramble for space has been getting scarce. Vacant lots have been the playground for pop-up shops since their inception. Pop-Ups are called "pop-ups" for a reason. They tend to be temporary in nature on one of those “need to know basis” or “you had to be there” type things.  Union Market has a rich history that predates the 1900's. Once known as Centre Market, in 1871 it was formally introduced to the D.C public and rose to be the mainstay we all enjoy today.  Union Market has seen many changes since then, but it has remained true to being a hub for goods exchange.

Those of us mainstays in D.C. remember Union Market as the "Fish Market in Trinidad". Let's just say they didn't make a big enough can of Febreze. It didn’t matter if you had A/C or not,  windows up was the rule driving past there.  Sure there are a few sketchy turns along the way, but follow the bread crumbs of construction cranes, and luxury high-rise dwellings and you will find a diamond in the rough.  The fishy aroma dissipated.  So wind your windows down.  Hell, you can safely get out your car now and play a game of corn hole or even catch a movie on the wide screen. In the 60's sales of meats and eggs were banned from the market. Now you can have a whole meal cooked for you.  Quench your thirst at Goshen Juice Bar or just feast on the beautiful faces that grace the market daily. This time we were there for our viewing pleasure.  Lured in by Northern Grade with a hand pick selection of made in America brands. Ranging from men's wear, women's wear, dog wear, and a plethora of accessories. We made allot of new friends and reconnected with some old friends via Liberty Fairs (see S&R, Custom Lifestyle, Krammer & Stoudt)

Melvin Johnson of New Ground and Associates (NG&A)

Intagram: New Ground and Associates
Tumblr: Big Brown Belt

Upon arrival to the show, we noticed the front door's interior slathered with artwork belonging to Shane Garron aka BReady. Tony is an avid fan of the arts, and budding collector so he instantaneously struck up the conversation with Shane. It turns out that they follow each other on Instagram!
Shane Garron (B.REady) the artist
instagram: B.Ready

After making our way past Shane we saw our Philly by way of Chester PA brethren: Hamid Holloman of Custom Lifestyle, Tawfeeq of Search and Rescue Squad, Najees Clarke of Clarke Brewed Coffee (formerly Cool Beanz). (see S+R Dry Goods Presents: Schott One Hundred Plus) One thing that is not lacking in the S&R department is tradeshow presence.

Hamid Holloman of Custom Lifestyle
Instagram: Custom Lifestyle
Online Shopping: Etsy

Anthony Lupesco of the Richmond VA based brand Shockoe Atelier. That is right ladies and gentleman, I said Richmond VA. The brand was found in 2012 but the Lupesco family has over 40 years in the game primarily with European Luxury brands (Isaia, Ted Lapidus, and Belvest). Shockoe Atelier builds upon the tradition and craftsmanship of the European houses that they worked with 40+ years but with an American point of view. (MADE IN AMERICA).

Anthony Lupesco of Shockoe Atelier
Instagram: Shockoe Atelier
We last spoke about The BK Circus in our Liberty Fairs NYC 2015 Recap, this time around we are "Reunited And It Feels So Good" - Peaches and Herb. The Brooklyn Circus (BKc) is an American based-Internationally acclaimed menswear brand that draws its inspiration on the pages of American history and tells stories of American style through each garment "one iconic silhouette at a time through the 100-Year Plan".  Just a week before Northern Grade we got an invite via Andre T Burgess to attend The BK Circus New York for the launch of the S/S collection. We weren't able to make it but the following week we connected at Northern Grade. We even uped the ante and made it out to New York for the Grand Re Opening of The Brooklyn Circus NYC along with a preview of the Gallery that featuring a photography series by John Midgley. Stay tuned for more via Gentlemen's Brim.

Andre T Burgess of The Brooklyn Circus

Instagram: Andre T. Burgess
Instagram: The Brooklyn Circus

What would a pop up be without coffee. Najees Clarke of the Chester PA based Clarke Brewed Coffee Co (formerly Kool Beanz). Najees had the nice aroma of coffee beans brewing. Clarke Brewed Coffee Co takes pride in being "the official coffee for the hardworking."

Najees Clarke of Clarke Brewed Coffee Co

Instagram: Clarke Brewed Coffee Co




S&R had a nicely curated set up of search and rescued finds in addition to Custom Lifestyle, and Clarke Brewed Coffee Co providing the extra swag. Tawfeeq below is holding up the prized Custom Lifestyle and S&R collaborative. An upcycled butterfly chair made with vintage upcycled textiles. 

The Search and Rescue Squad X Custom Lifestyle chair was on hand at Norther Grade.

Tawfeeq Gaines of Search and Rescue Squad

Instagram: Search and Rescue Squad
Instagram: Coach Gaines





Shane Garron originally met Northern Grade co-founder Mark "Mac" McMillan on Broadway in Manhattan.  Shane has exhibited his art work at just about all of the Northern Grade pop ups!




The Brooklyn Circus

Website: The Brooklyn Circus
Instagram: The Brooklyn Circus
Instagram: The Brooklyn Circus SF

Throne Watches offers a line of watches and leather bands, but thats not all "Watch the Throne" and keep an eye out for whats next!


Website: Throne Watches
Instagram: Throne Watches

Krammer & Stoudt has a strong section of menswear. They debuted their line of race inspired jackets. Of course at Liberty Fairs we had a special moment with the team of Krammer & Stoudt. This time it was magic. Tony had a special "thing" for their Luxe Knit Jacket. It felt like wearing a soft t-shirt, that perfectly fits to the contours of your body in the form of a sports jacket. Every time I think about "Luxe".. Sorry just had another moment.

Tammy Stackpoole and Courtney Nearburg of Krammer and Stoudt

Instagram: Krammer & Stoudt


Brookes Boswell took the "crown" literally in headwear. They even carry scrunchies! A nice section of handemade hats, and upcycled vintage headwear. Brookes along with her comrade Ella of Gamine quietly said allot without saying much at all. Are you seeing this?

Brookes Boswell Millinery based out New York City was quietly one of the show stealers.

Website: Brookes Boswell
Instagram: Brookes Boswell




After gushing at Brooks Boswell selection of hats, I peered over to the next booth. And there she was! White T-Shirt and worn in jeans. Ella of Gamine Workwear. I couldn't shake her Dungarees. They are still on mind. Nevermind that they are only available for women.

Ella of Gamine Workwear  photo via Gamine Workwear

Gamine Workwear

Gitli Goods is based out of Washington, D.C. had a nice selection of dogwear and apparel. Tony was drawn to their vintage upcycled line of leather products, even going as far as mistaken the dog collars for belts and bracelets. If anyone can make it work it would be Tony.


Website: Gitli Goods
Instagram: Gitli Goods


Mark "Mac" McMillan is the co-founder of Northern Grade and Pierrepont Hicks. Mac had his hands full running up and down the floor meeting and greeting people. Pierrepont Hicks displayed a line of slim ties.



440 Gentleman Supply is based out of Raleigh NC and makes small batch items by hands of course in Raleigh NC. They had about everything made out of Leather and made nicely. A dope folding camping stool that you can bring to your next night out with the boo..screen on the green, camping or whatever, that Roll Top Waxed Canvas Tote bag that is an automatic add to cart, or even the big ass man bag aka The Weekender Bag!

Website: 440 Gentleman Supply
Instagram: 440 Gentleman Supply
Stock Manufacturing Company (Stock Mfg Co.) based out of West Side of Chicago makes made in America garments made for the consumer without the middleman.

Website:Stock Mfg Co.
Instagram: Stock Mfg Co.
Coronado Leather based out of San Diego, CA providing concealed carry swag since the 1980s to law enforcement (handbags, waist packs, concealed carry leather goods). 30 years later they are still providing high quality leather goods.

Tom Copeland of Coronado Leather

Anchyi Wei of Anchyi At Work

Instagram: Anchyi Wei

Visual merchandiser and blogger Natto Balladares.

Tumblr: Simply Sharp
Instagram: Nattob

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