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If you believe in coincidence or faith, well this was a weekend full of them. From running into an old/new friend in a random park to being told to check out Liberty Vintage and to find out, I would meet Adam, who is a personal hero of mine. So here is my attempt to summarize this weekend, but not dilute the power in the story.

Initially, Labor Day weekend we were planning to collaborate with a denim brand that just didn't work out. No love lost on our side. We instead decided let's take a road trip to Philly for the Made In America Tour. We thought it would have been a great chance to showcase a few items we had that were actually made in America. Yeah um .... hard. We took the trip regardless. Tony wanted to drive I said screw that lets ride. So we grabbed my bikes and hit the road.

First stop was Chester, Pa. We met up with the guys from Search and Rescue Squad at one of their awesome warehouses, office, think tanks, awesome collection gallery, and the list can go on. L, Tawfeeq, and Kenya gave us a tour around Chester and shared with us their vision of what they see for this forgotten city. They also introduced us to a few of the entrepreneurs helping them to breathe life back into Chester’s lungs. L shared some amazing stories about his history and life in motorcycle culture. He was pretty excited by the style of the XR650L because that was the same style he used to build bikes. He also told us about this guys we had to check out while in Pa. We parted ways with the guys and made our way to the concerts.


The next day we decided to find brunch. We left the hotel on foot and then came out of our senses. So got on the bikes, road to Rittenhouse and parked. We walked around a bit looking for a place to eat, but all the lines were unreal. So we grabbed a coffee and walked back to the park to have a seat and finish the coffee before jumping on the bikes to find some food elsewhere. Out of nowhere Beza came up to Tony and they were both pretty stoked to run into each other. This is what started the chain of events that were pretty cool.

Beza was waiting for a table at this French place to grab brunch. She then recommended we all go to the other side of town to grab some food at one of her favorite places. So we walked over to the bikes. At the bikes, we were wrapped up in conversation with some guy that as he parked his Triumph Thruxton. As we chat, another guy walking his pup commented on the XR650l. He then told us we should check out his family’s restaurant Café le Monde, which is on the other side of town. This was the same restaurant Beza told us we should go to. Sold! The food was amazing, and the people were super friendly.

After brunch, we hopped on the bike and road to Liberty Vintage. As soon as Adam saw the XR650L he said, "That bike looks like something my friend L would build." We then told him we were friends with L as well. Upon first look at Adam, we were taken-aback. Years ago we saw a video of him on YouTube, and his statements were so profound to us that it gave us that last nudge we needed to start Gentlemen's Brim.  Adam is an amazing guy. He just gives off a natural energetic vibe.  He still has his motorcycle jacket from when he was 16.  That's a guy that knew he would never stop loving motorbikes.

So at the end of this trip Tony and I had a deep conversation about what Made in America means. We realized this is not a matter of production, which makes something Made in America. Made in America is a state of mind that makes this Nation of immigrants so great.

Side Note:  This pictures were taking with an iPhone so don't judge the quality :-)

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