Liberty Fairs NYC 2015 Recap: Gentlemen's Brim Edition

Sadiki Harriot + Tony Gyepi-Garbrah (Gentlemen's Brim)

Courtesy of: Liberty Fairs, Photo By: John P Midgley, Styled by: Scott Newkirk, Ashley Owens, Art Direction: The Brooklyn Circus
The cold of the winter, our motorcycles being out of commission and not to mention it was in the low 30s. All those months leading up to Liberty Fairs, we had no idea what to expect. Don't get us wrong we are g's and ride in 10 below weather...heck Sadiki once road his hog in -25 degree weather just because. We embarked on the 6:30 a.m. Megabus from Union Station to New York and slacker Asher Driggers of Grifter Company USA made his way by 9:00 a.m. rail via Amtrak Acela Express.
With rain and ice in tow; driving conditions were short of nothing nice. A four-five hour trip turned into an 8 hour trip. We touched down in New York safely. Never mind the rain was pouring down. We had no umbrellas, rain coats, galoshes no nothing. Grandeur visions of showing up to Liberty Fairs looking like Darryl in the rain would not be us. We hailed a cab and made our way over to Gramercy Park to our DC now NYC connect Kalu Ugwuomo and met his friend and founder of a start up MyStream. Then we headed over to a speakeasyisque restaurant in east village that shall remain nameless. Rightfully so the lounge looked like something you would've seen out of the prohibition days. Smoke filled atmosphere, room after a room, and hidden curtains. After taking a grand tour of the restaurant we made our way through a curtain, which put us in the back where we finally sat down. The waiter brought us four waters after 30 fucking minutes. We were all so tired all we could do is sit there and just stare. Think Tony Montana Cocaine Mountain, slumped in the seat minus the yayo. Kalu finally threw in the towel, "Ef this" We are going to my man's Zach's restaurant." And let me tell you Lucien; a family owned French Bistro was nothing short of service, brunch was amazing, mimosas were flowing and we topped it off with La Gavulin 16 scotch whiskey. After here Zach knew another spot that he wanted all of us to check out. Next we met a group of swanky DJ's in town for an EDM related event, not my thing but like a real g i'm down for whatever. Sadiki not being as g on the other hand, even recognized Sasha; a DJ that he met performing at D.C's Flash night club. Off to another cliche after party we went to the after after party but ironically we were three hours late. Needless to say we did not get in until late. It wasn't until the next day that we were actually able to let our full SWAG take effect. Check our journey below. 
ABOUT OUR CREW: Search and Rescue Squad is a trio of builders (L, Tawfeeq, and Kenya) involved in all aspects of design, furniture design, retail design, art, installation, curation, vintage, antiques and apparel. S&R is often known for being behind the scenes, but for the 2015 Liberty Fairs Show they stepped out front center. Along with a collective of: Butcher Shop Rehab (BSR-X), Grifter Company USA, Custom Lifestyle by Hamid Holloman, Peg and Awl, ya boys of Gentlemen's Brim along with a major assist from Modern 50. We made our Liberty Fairs - Freedom Hall debut branding together.
Ignacio Quiles
The animated man Ignacio Quiles is a breath of fresh air , wealth of knowledge and has nice stories and anecdotes on his experiences in New York City. He is a street smart savvy designer, menswear retailer expert in vintage and wildly sought after restaurant consultant.

Instagram: Sartorial Pairings


Like we said "Street Smarts"
(Kevin Grey of Men's Style Point, Ignacio Quieles, L from S&R) 

Asher Driggers of Grifter Company USA and Ignacio Quiles

Instagram: Grifter Company USA


Asher's bettre half is also a designer and runs Shop Taxidermy. Here Asher is wearing a pair of Shop Taxidermy's custom Python Floral Painted PF Flyers

Instagram: Shop Taxiderymy, PF FLyers.   
Grifter Company X Shop Taxidermy (bow tie) x Custom Lifestyle (CL upcycled flight jacket)

Asher Driggers of Grifter Company USA and Jon Feldman of Feltraiger
Instagram: Feltraiger

Sadiki Harriott trying on a Himel Brothers Motorcycle Jacket

Instagram: Himel Brothers

T Michael Bergen of Norwegianrain  bespoke tailor, and designer.

Instagram: Norwegian Rain
Coconut Rob is everything that you would expect him to be in real life, a larger than life personalty and he can make you feel like you've known him for years .

Instagram: Coconut Rob
NY Times: Medicine Man and Mayor, Blended

Coconut Rob

Coconut Rob, Kenya Abdul-Hadi (S&R), Oluwaseye

Jason Bass and Aaron Jones of Treasontotingco

Instragram:Treason Toting Co
Hamid Holloman of Custom Lifestyle getting ready for his John P Midgley portrait at Liberty Fairs

Instagram: Custom Lifestyle

Tawfeeq of S&R and Hamid Holloman of Custom Lifestyle

Lola + Tone of Dirocco Eyewear


The dynamic design duo Margaux and Walter of Peg and Awl. Peg and Awl based out of Philadelphia are makers of treasures crafted from recycled, reclaimed, recovered and abandoned materials.

Instagram: Peg and Awl


Walter Kent of Peg and Awl

Instagram: Peg and Awl Built

Valentine Mai of Yankee Dog Denim

CLUTCH Magazine Japan will be having a trade show in Japan 5/26-28/2015. CLUTCH Collection Yokohama.

Tadayuki Miura (CLUTCH Magazine Japan), Nick Clements (Men's File) and Shogo Koike (CLUTCH Magazine Japan)

Shogo Koike of Ei Publishing represented CLUTCH Magazine to the fullest.

Instagram: CLUTCH Magazine Japan

Tadayuki Miura, Shogo Koike CLUTCH Magazine Crew

Sharifa Murdock Co-Founder of Liberty Fairs
"The Bearded Man" Ouigi Theodore Founder of The Brooklyn Circus and lead curator of Liberty Fairs

Instagram: The Brooklyn Circus

Gabe "The Great" Great Founder of The Brooklyn Circus

Instagram: The Brooklyn Circus SF

John P Midgley the man behind the awesome portraits at Liberty Fairs. 

Andre Burgess of The BK Circus

Tsuyoshi Yamanaka of The BK Circus is a talented artist and designer.




We met Gene Barnes who was visiting from San Francisco formally at the Lucky Strike Bowling madness party post Liberty Fairs day one. We immediately struck up a camaraderie. Gene saw a business card that made its way to the floor. It had initials on there that was memorable plus he liked the card. We told him that we were visiting from D.C. and mentioned Gentlemen's Brim. It turns out the card he picked up off the ground was Tonys! 
Gaku Tsuyoshi Founder of FDMTL Denim and Freakworks Inc. was quietly one of the best dressed at Liberty Fairs.

Instagram: FDMTL Denim 


Tony Pace of Oak Street Bootmakers

Oak Street Bootmakers

This is a glance of their Natural Trench Boot after being worn and broken in. Beautiful.

We spent quite a bit of time at Hightide where we met Madoka Adachi who was a wealth of information about the brand. At first glance, sight, and touch of the packaging you can fill like you are a kid. Personally a product of the 80's I thought about being in elementry school scribling with a mead pencil, or stealing my brothers GI Joes with the in the plastic packaging with the kung fu grip.

Truth be told. Allot of time was spent jotting down notes and remembering all of the wonderful people that we met. This pen came in handy. Also came in handy as a hat accessory. 


Madoka Adachi of Hightide Co and Makoto Ikeda of Flyers Promotion
Makoto Ikeda of Flyers Promotion 

Creative + Stylist: Tomohiro Nakmura of D-Cord Management 

Aaron Jones, Will Walker, and Jason Bass of Treason Toting Co.
Aaron Jones and Jason Bass of Treason Toting Co

Lanona Shoe Co is based out of Minnesota has a motto "Work Hard, Be Honest"

Instagram: Lanona Shoe Co.
Photo Credit: Lanona Shoe Co

Ben Ranson Founder and Creative Director behind Lanona Sheo Co. Ben is holding up the "
Academic Boot" at Liberty Fairs they gave us a preview of their upcoming Travelougue series of the boot in different color ways. One in particular; the Tavern Boot in green smit·tenInstagram: Lanona Shoe Co
Courtenay Nearburg of Krammer & Stoudt is usually the one behind the camera. When the tables were turned around all she could do was flash that million dollar smile.

Instagram: Krammer & Stoudt

Courtenay Nearburg and Tammy Stackpoole of Krammer & Stoudt
Kela for Bobby from Boston

Stack-Aly the living legend

Bobby From Boston Garnett and Parry Grimm of PF Flyers

Samir Bachiri of Spruce Vintage

Justin Pomerleau of Vivant Vintage
Dan Trepanier of Articles of Style (formerly The Style Blogger) and crowned by Esquire's 2009 Magazine “America’s Best Dressed Real Man” was on hand along with Articles of Style Gentleman’s Lounge.
Dan Trepanier of Articles of Style (formerly The Style Blogger) and crowned by Esquire's 2009 Magazine “America’s Best Dressed Real Man


Instagram: Articles of Style


Articles of Style and photographer Alex Crawford put together a nice feature on the The People of Liberty Fairs.  


Tony Gyepi-Garbrah (Gentlemen's Brim)

Photo Courtesy of Articles of Stylee and photographed by Alex Crawford

Fellow DC Creative on the go and Photographer: Gary Williams Jr (Master Williams)

Photo Courtesy of Articles of Style and photographed by Alex Crawford
We had the opportunity to meet Mr. Benjamin Belton of Benjamin's and Liba's based out of North Carolina for 34+ years.
"A sartorial always sees another sartorial from afar." - Gentlemen's Brim

Ashley Owens; Creative Consultant/Editor in Chief of Suited Magazine and Grandpa Style Founder has literally been shutting down the internet(s) for quite some time now. Ashley Owens Owens along with Scott Newkirk provided styling for the January 2015 Liberty Fairs NYC Portrait Gallery
Max Poglia of Poglia & Co is a lifestyle brand with roots in craftsmanship. Handcrafted knive, leather bags, and woven blankets.

Instagram: Max Poglia



Joseph-I (Holy Swag) aka Swagtoven in the flesh. 

Ayrun Dismuke and Kendo Hanus of Misanthrope

Kendo Hanus of Misanthrope and designer Dynasty and 1/2 of the dynamic duo design powerhouse L'Enchanteur

Andrew Livingston of Knickerbocker MfgI first stopped AJ of Kinckerbocker Mfg (KMFG) he had a the poise of a visionary. Maybe he didn't see the epic photobomb coming along lol. AJ along with the team of KMFG is truly doing amazing things. "The aim now, is to bring back small, high quality manufacturing to the New York City Area." Check out their backstory.
Andrew "AJ" Livingston of Knickerbocker Mfg getting photo bombed by Dyansty Ogun
Father and Son duo Carlyle Hanson of Peoples Pride

Jason Mandler of Jason Scott Clothing


Musician Ramsi Tora

Instagram: Ramsi Tora

Jennifer Goldszer and Charlie from Schott NYC. Jennifer rarely poses in pics but we brought out her bad assery. Charlie is rocking Schott NYC's Perfecto line of menswear. I will not confirm nor deny making that a certain somebody made an offer on the spot for his indigo sports jacket. 



Caleb Clark of Enemy to Fashion had one of the meanest hat games along with the army green bag that he personally made. M*E*A*N



Jennifer Showstead of Liberty Fairs  

Nita Kuo of Liberty Fairs 

Creative Jonathan Lopez of Only Huemans | Tehuti Films

Instagram: Only Huemans

Maki Nakata Co-Founder of Maki and Mpho


Daniela Jacobs ARC Objects creative directer and designer

Tony Triumph the international lifestyle and fashion journalist extraordinaire.
Stephanie Madrinah and Gene Barnes
Photos below are from/courtesy of Liberty Fairs "January 2015 New York Show Gallery," and the "January 2015 NYC Portrait Gallery" photographed by John P Midgley, styled by: Scott Newkirk, Ashley Owens of Grandpa Style, art direction provided by The Brooklyn Circus.
Asher Driggers (Grifter Company USA)
Courtesy of: Liberty Fairs, Photo By: John P Midgley, Styled by: Scott Newkirk, Ashley Owens, Art Direction: The Brooklyn Circus


Hamid Holloman (Custom Lifestyle), Tawfeeq Gaines + Kenya Abdul-Hadi (S&R)
Courtesy of: Liberty Fairs, Photo By: John P Midgley, Styled by: Scott Newkirk, Ashley Owens, Art Direction: The Brooklyn Circus
Tawfeeq Gaines (S&R)
Courtesy of: Liberty Fairs, Photo By: John P Midgley, Styled by: Scott Newkirk, Ashley Owens, Art Direction: The Brooklyn Circus

Walter Kent and Margaux Kent (Peg and Awl)

Courtesy of: Liberty Fairs, Photo By: John P Midgley, Styled by: Scott Newkirk, Ashley Owens, Art Direction: The Brooklyn Circus
Hamid Holloman (Custom Lifestyle)

Courtesy of: Liberty Fairs, Photo By: John P Midgley, Styled by: Scott Newkirk, Ashley Owens, Art Direction: The Brooklyn Circus

Alicia Delarge (S&R)

Courtesy of: Liberty Fairs, Photo By: John P Midgley, Styled by: Scott Newkirk, Ashley Owens, Art Direction: The Brooklyn Circus

Hamid Holloman (Custom Lifestyle)

Courtesy of: Liberty Fairs, Photo By: John P Midgley, Styled by: Scott Newkirk, Ashley Owens, Art Direction: The Brooklyn Circus
Curan J Founder (Kings Rule Together)

Courtesy of: Liberty Fairs, Photo By: John P Midgley, Styled by: Scott Newkirk, Ashley Owens, Art Direction: The Brooklyn Circus
Mashariki Williamson and Stephon Torrence founders of the Jock Hall The Agency

Courtesy of: Liberty Fairs, Photo By: John P Midgley, Styled by: Scott Newkirk, Ashley Owens, Art Direction: The Brooklyn Circus

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