It's not all politics, and policy in the D.M.V (Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia).

DC is thought of being an inside the beltway, stuffy bubble filled with government workers, lobbyist, and lawyers in drab navy or black suits.  IT guys whose idea of business attire is a new pair of cotton dockers and a polo shirt with a logo of their favorite software company.  Or a sea of military personnel dressed head to toe in camo.

You can easly get locked in a fierce battle of wills during your rush hour commute which can last hours in the D.M.V.  Which, is the main excuse we use as to why we ride motorcycle.  Who are we fooling? We are two IT guys trying to keep people on their toes and convince as many people as we can to ride motorcycles.  Leather, Cloth, and Steel We present to you Gentlemen's Brim. Gentlemen's Brim has nothing to do with a hat, but what is underneath.

(Left: Shoes: Magnanni, Helmet: Biltwell, Right Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo, Socks J.Crew)

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