Hugh & Crye: Gentlemen's Brim Review

D.C is known as an area with swamp-like humidity, and so far it's been a super warm and wet summer.  As a guy trying to dress comfortably for this weather is nearly impossible. You could wear cut-off shorts and a tank top but be prepared to get carded at every establishment in the district. How about every old school Jamaican's favorite, linen?!?!?  Oh goodie!  Now we can all wear linen and be subjected to standing room only because God knows once your linen gets crush you are DOOMED!  Cuban shirts are cool, and we did patch things up with Castro.  Then again we would feel obligated to role cigars all damn day.  Hmm. Hugh & Crye might have just the thing in their popover shirts.

Hugh and Crye is a men's clothing brand based out of Washington D.C. and offers a slew of Menswear ranging from dress shirts, more casual short sleeve shirts, to blazers. While offering a great selection of smartly priced clothing options, the popover shirt would prove to be a super versatile item. When a t-shirt would be too casual and a button up shirt too formal. These popovers shine through as a modular option for whatever sexy turn your day takes.
H&C makes the online shopping experience pretty simple.  The websites incorporates a virtual tailor into the mix. This should work for most men out there, but there are a few of us which will need additional alteration to get the perfect fit. Sadiki has a more "v taper" body, so he had to order a bigger size to fit his "Man Shoulders" and arms but still needed to have the waist taken in a bit. No sadder sight than the "parachute" effect in the back of a man’s shirt. Tony likes his clothing a bit more tailored and that was his main gripe. The shirt, although a slim fit was still modeled off the "American" slim cut.  As we all know Tony is a happy short, skinny type of slim, so he needed to get the sides just right.  The West African inspired print of the Gamma popover made it even more of a gem.  The cut of the sleeves was perfect to put a little fold in for the right amount of attitude.  Well when it comes to it, there is no wrong amount of attitude.  Secretly the sleeve roll is Tony's way of flipping the bird to the norm. The popover comes in a lightweight cotton material that is certain to leave you nice and breezy during these oppressive summer months.  Nonetheless, these popovers are a big hit in both of our arsenals. 
Luckily for those of us in the D.C. area Hugh & Crye has rolled out a welcome mat at their Nationals stadium location. So be sure to go down there and try one on.  If you aren't in the area, use that fancy schmancy website they have.

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