Fall In Love With Cords

After spending the summer adding miles to our bikes and oil to our shoes we have come to the end of our summer adventures and now it is time to kick things back in gear. We present Fall Cords.
(On Sadiki - Suit: H&M On Tony - Jaket: Vintage , Pants: Rag & Bone )
Remember growing up when our parents figured out the key to ensure we were forever the outcast of society was to dress us in cords? The thicker the cords the worst the day at school would be. We all took turns teasing the kid in the noise corduroy pants, and when it was our turn to get poked fun off the day was extended by hours. Those days are behind us now and as our psychiatrist told us it got better.
While Summer and Autumn are locked in a battle, which leaves us confused on how to dress each day, we are left with few versatile options. We wake up, check the weather then spend 20 minutes pondering if we should take a jacket or not. Should I wear a cardigan? Will I be too hot? Will I look like a fool in a wool suit? How cold is it really in the am? How late will I be out? You finally leave the house and pray you chose correctly and out of nowhere it rains. FML!
Gentlemen’s Brim says, “Dust off your Cords.” They work great during these bi-polar days.
Tailor them. Dress them up with a few accessories and walk out the door prepared for whatever the world might throw your way.

 (Shirt: J Crew, Bow Tie & Scarf: Thift Store Find, Pocket Square: Bandana, Flower: Hair Accessory)
 (Bag: Rag and Bone, Gloves: Vintage)
 (Watch: 1940 Omega w/ Nylon strap)
 (Shoes: Hugo Boss, Socks: J Crew, Helmet: Bell Custom 500, Goggles: Emigo Vintage Goggles)
 (Motocycle: Harley Davison XL1200N)
Mix and match them. Wear them on Mondays or casual Fridays. It matters not when you are in Corduroys. Think of them as the "Denim" of the Suit world.  Get them dirty.
(Glasses: Cole Haan)
 (Jacket: Vintage , Pants: Rag & Bone ,Shirt: Ralph Lauren Rugby,)
 (Tie: Vintage Knit Tie, Pocket Square: Yellow Bandana  ,Bag: Mulholland Brothers, Gloves: ,)
(Shoes: Cole Haan, Socks: Ralph Lauren, Helmet: Daytona Crusier, Scarf:Banana Republic)
(Motorcycle: Honda CB750)
Corduroy; once the ugly pimple face kid in school, hit the gym, got contacts, and like the Phoenix rising from the ashes has made its way back into our closets of free will.

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